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hi dev!! i know you've mentioned you are busy and unable to work on this and as a fellow artist, completely understand. just wanted to comment and let you know that if/when you do get a chance to revisit or make something, i will eagerly play each update :) just sending good energy to you <3


aw, thank you!! ;A; that's really sweet of you to say! <3 i hope i'll be able to make some new updates for you when i can!

i need spanish version


To whomever gets this reference


I wrote a comment 3 years ago, but I just wanted to say if you update this game, I'll happily come back to it. I love the vibes. 

aww, thank you, that's very touching to hear! (though wow, time flies)

i'll be happy to post updates once i can work on it consistently again! <3

i just randomly saw this and loved the thumbnail of kaema <3 and i just screenshotted it btw

maybe this is just web browser but I can't seem to interact with Alerion, Other than that I love the art and character customization. I would also love to see arrow keys and self description(favorites and such).

i haven't played the web browser version in awhile, but i might think that it is stuck on version 0.1, so you have to download the game to talk with Alerion or something.....

from what i remember their dialogue just isn't in the 0.1 demo yet (either web or download). there's been more written since but it won't be accessible until the next version, whenever that is.

do you mean arrow keys as in instead of wasd? or as in showing them on the screen like the interact button?

i don't know if it'll include favorites (will have to think about it) but your profile will absolutely get filled up as you play in some of the later versions.

ty for the kind words <3

Awesome! i did mean arrow instead of/in addition to wasd but i won't put pressure on it. Thanks for taking the time to respond, I love hearing from creators!

i see! i could add it as a possible default later (especially for having both at once), but in the meantime you should be able to rebind it from the options menu :D

and you're welcome <3 i'm just touched people are still interested given how little ability i've had to work on the game since 0.1

Like the character customization 10/10 dookie 

characters and customizations are so cute!

im waiting for this game to get more features and storyline <33


I really like the character creation :)


I cant name my character.



where update


update when my day job doesn't take all of my energy :'(


Oh, sorry to hear

Hope you get some rest and energy

take care


thank you! i do want to update when i can, but hobby dev is hard


Cant wait for the full game!


totally cute! this is such a promising game and i am positively stoked for it to be completed!


i have a feeling that i wont ever play this


not negative just saying i may forget about it cause im busy playing mindustry

Its so cute!!! I really hope there will be more to this!


This is adorable so far! Would love to see more. <33

adorable. i would love to see what the rest of the game will be like.

This is the single most adorable thing I've played this month

ahhhh!!! it's so cute!!

absolutely adorable game! super excited to see where it goes

This game is adorable, can't wait to see how it progresses !!

SO Cute, But I can't talk to some of the characters sadly. Though I'm sure it is because this is only a demo. and I can't wait to see more love and development put into this! Keep up the good and cute work!

Doesnt work and only shows a black screen with the words Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'getParameter')

This has lots of potential! Can't wait to see the game being updated!


This is so cool, can't wait to see where it goes!

This is a really good stat, cute art, simple ui, and a good character creator base. I will watch your future with great interest.


This game is insanely cute and I'm looking forward to it getting updated!

AAAAAA!!! no puedo esperar a verlo completoo, se ve muy cool 


I absolutely cannot wait for the entire thing! It looks so cute!!


I spent a stupidly long time on the character creator which was very fun. The gameplay of assigning elves to tasks sounds fun. Would love to see this game grow!


you should add from whats it in  browser to the game


This is super cute!!! Love the idea and can't wait to see what else is in store.

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!Sorry if any of my grammar or punctuation doesn't make sense/ is wrong, I can't write correctly for the life of me :,D!

Looks amazing so far, personaly I've never really played/liked games about building towns and stuff kinda like that, but I sure will love to play and see where this game goes!(Plus I love the range of customization and everything looks so cute! :D)

Notes/glitches I've found:

1. I've found out that at the tent we start at the thing glitches and I can walk over it.

2. I've found out that when you skip the tutorial that the person named Alerion glitches and you can't talk or interact with them at all.(Have not checked this with multiple tabs/reloaded pages)

3. When I first did this and went through the tutorial for some reason I had not gotten the prompt to inspect the tent at the bottom right corner.



ive only played this game for 5 minutes and i already consider all the characters my children. is this a bad thing?


Seems cute, character custom design is about as far as I got.  I didn't see a way to enlarge the screen so trying to focus on a small box gets straining.  Good effort tho.

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I suggest maybe zooming in your screen with a mouse.(if your on like mac, laptop, or PC) Sadly I don't know anyway to try and zoom in on mobile, hope this helps.  

Edit: I have found a way for mobile(I'm pretty sure it will work) Okay so first go into your browser like chrome(which was what I tested this on, not sure how to will work on other browsers) put in the URL(this is the URL: then in the right upper corner it is three dots, there should be a option if you tap on it to zoom. Just press the plus sign until its better on your eyes, hopefully this helps if your on mobile :>

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Cute Game! I Can't Wait For The Next Update!


me too!


I really love the idea. Can't wait to see what else is in store. I adored the demo. The art style is so cute and I love my character. I hope to be able to play fullscreen when it is finished up. To see it in all its beauty. 10out of 10 with what I've seen so far.

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