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I can't wait to see what this turns into!


Really cute game!  Love the art style.  Found a couple bugs: During character creation I had to click outside the game space and back in to be able to type my name, and once in game the body and facial markings became opaque instead of the transparent I had set.


thank you!

i'll check out the markings bug, that's the first i've heard of it. as for the typing bug, i wonder if it could be a browser-related thing because it's been mentioned before but i can't seem to replicate it on my end at all.

I'm using Chrome, normal browsing mode.  I did scroll down the page a bunch to look at description and comments after clicking in the game area but I don't remember if I ever actually clicked anything until I realized I couldn't type.  Probably something to do with that.  Maybe I changed tabs.

Aaaa, everything is cute! Especially the little hair accessories that are in your inventory. Is there a way to get the elf looking for their fishing supplies to talk to you?

thank you! currently there isn't, no! and there's a slight glitch with their dialogue i didn't notice before posting the update (it shouldn't repeat this much)


I'm going to be serious, I love this game and I can't wait for another update!


I love the concept! The character creator is so nice, I love the artwork so much <3 good luck on making the next versions, I can't wait to see them <3

If you click finish before typing a name for your elf, it wont let you type anymore.

i'm afraid i can't replicate the issue on my side... what are you doing specifically? and which version are you on? (web, windows, osx?)

there seems to be a bug with the mac ver. where the face paint are not really correct, but otherwise this game is fricken adorable and i cant wait to see what more awaits


oh no, sorry to hear that! :( i forgot to write it on this build (fixed now) but i don't have access to a mac to test that version at all, so it's basically just a blind export at the moment. i'll try to see if i can find a friend to help me check on it for the next versions, thanks for the heads-up!

and thank you for the kind words! <3

its all good, just thought you might want to know. Keep up the good work :]


Words can't describe how much I love this game! I really hope you finish it <3 


aww, thank you, that's really sweet of you! i hope i finish it too!

Aaa I fell in love with my elf. If we're an artist or something, are we allowed to draw the elf we created?

aaa ohmygosh that's so sweet of you ;w; and yeah, absolutely! i'd appreciate if people didn't claim any of the NPC elves were theirs (though art is still totally cool), but anything you design in there is yours in my opinion.

if you draw your elf i'd love to see them! <3 and if you're comfortable feel free to post it in the discord as well

Hey, I absolutely loved this demo, all the characters are really cute, and the game already sets it's atmosphere!

If you ever want to translate the game to Brazilian Portuguese just send me an email and we can work on it. I do it just for fun, so I don't charge for it, and I've already made a translation on the game Hitogotchi.

Lovely game, hope to see more updates soon <3

thank you! really glad you like it! <3

at the moment none of the text is remotely close to finalized so translation is going to be a bit of a ways off i'm afraid, but when i get around to it i'll keep you in mind, thank you for the offer!


Extremely cute! I love all the options, and the different characters were fun to talk to. Good luck!


the character shapes and colors are suuuuuuper good  =ටᆼට=


This is sooooo cute. Can't wait for the next release! I love the designs and colors :)


thank you! it's going to be a little bit before the next one but i'm excited to get around to it myself! ' w '

this looks really cute ;x;

Im super excited for this! I love the concept and art sm!


This is so awesome! I love how cute the character design and I can't wait for the next release :D


This is so creative and adorable! I love the character creator and the personality already showing through in the NPCs. I can't wait to see where this goes and eagerly await the next release

Thank you!! I'm really glad you like the flavor so far ' w ' excited to get the next release published myself!

This is honestly really cute, and creative mate <3

Adorable! Whoever the dialogue writer is give them some love. 

thank you! that's also me, so i guess i'm treating myself to ice cream today :3

You deserve it sis. *toasts imaginary ice cream* 🍦

It's beautiful. <3 

Not sure if you know this, but the some of the flowers up by the daydreamy elf are on a higher layer or something than the player, so walking through them makes them go on top of you. Love the game so far! Super cute!!

yep, that's been fixed since (some issues with y-index that i hadn't noticed before posting 0.0.4), thanks for watching out for it! ' w ' and thank you for the kind words!

I like the character creator, and all of the NPCs are super cute! As someone that's on the spectrum it's nice to see people like me making games filled with characters that are also like me. I have high hopes for you!

aw, thank you, that's so sweet, i'm really glad to hear that! i'll try to do your hopes justice o/


Character creator is cute! Is there supposed to be a walk animation? If so, it's not playing.

thank you! and not at the moment, no, it's listed in upcoming features rn and i'm hoping to get it done for the next release c:

It uh wont let me play it T-T

oh no! :( what version are you trying to play and are you getting an error?

Yes umm it says unable to get property "getParameter" of undefined or null reference and im on browser 

sorry idk what to do... >-< sorry again

aa don't worry about it! i'm a bit new to exporting with godot myself so i'm padding along a bit blindly tbh. i'm guessing you're getting that error before the game starts? if not, when is it popping up and what browser are you on? do you have other browsers you can test?

sorry for asking a million questions, i'm not necessarily sure how to fix this (as i haven't seen this error before) but i can at least try to figure out what might be causing it, hehe

It is totally fine to ask questions on  a game you made or anything! It is before i can start the game and Im new ish to playing on itch so what is a browser? Im not completely sure as well so sorry..

(1 edit)

Hi! it's me again! it's been a while since i actually last played, but i've kept up with your updates and I read whats inside every new update! 

Anyways, first, i love how the character creation has updated and can't wait for more options to pop up! Are you planning on getting more developers to help you so youre not doing this all on your own?? i understand if you work on a a story by yourself, but seeing now that you have options and more than likely different responses and reactions you'll get from people- it's gonna be alot of writing and planning!

i'm not doubting you i'm just impressed to see that you're doing all of this yourself, and wondering where all of this is gonna end up! 

not trying to leak spoilers from you but- what are you planning for characters and story in the future? i've been waiting for a game like this for a while honestly and want to see where this goes.

another thing! would there be relationships in this game? marriage, kids, things like that? and options for people who are ace/aro? 

and my last question is: what is driving your inspiration for this game? do you want it to be a more story driven game or a more animal crossing-ish game?? and sorry for typing out books like these; youre the only game i get email updates for because it looks so cute and i would love to be a game developer one day! so seeing this really makes my heart swell, y'know <3?? good luck with the game !

EDIT: i forgot to mention! im glad you're getting more comments than what i saw from last time! wow~!!


aaah, gosh, thank you for all the kind words!! i'm really glad you like things so far ;w;

  • it's just me atm while it's the early stages but i already have some friends i'll be relying on for general impressions/feedback as i work, and friends i'm planning on employing for QA and writing when needed. things are mostly going kinda slow because this is just a hobby project (for the moment!) and i have a part-time job to attend to
  • while there isn't a ton of story planned for sure just yet, i've been working on the characters and lore for years now and most of them have their story arcs roughed out! it's a bit hard to say anything more concrete with how little context there's for the game atm though... if there's more specific things you're curious about i can try to answer that though!
  • there's definitely going to be building friendships up, but i'm not sure whether i want non-platonic relationships or not yet. if i include them there will absolutely be at least some non-sexual or non-romantic options. either way, marriage and kids will almost certainly not be on the table. also, to add, there's some npcs that are already in relationships during the game
  • there's going to be story in the game but most of it is going to be observing side-plotlines more than them leading the main plot, if that makes sense? and the core of gameplay is going to have a lot of little day-to-day things more similar to something like animal crossing or harvest moon or simulation-type games

good luck with your dreams of gamedev!! and i'm really touched to be an inspiration to that <3

Since this has sparked more questions (and honestly, i might use the go-dot engine myself now!) i have a few more things-

first, i know this is just a hobby project for now, but how long do you think the game will be? if it has a ending, or course.

second, would there be jobs that you could pick from and build up on? with that mentioned, is there save files so you could have multiple characters at once?

and since there will be relationships in the game (whether it be friends, lovers, or enimies ); do you tunk it would have a affect on the story ?? will there be different endings (again, if there are any?)

I'm glad you have help! i wouldve been sad if you were putting all this work on yourself, even if it is just a hobby. i said this alot already, but i'm glad you're making a life simulation (i guess that's what you call this genre?? you get what i'm saying??) game like this on pc; since im a big fan of AC and harvest moon.

also, in the future whe  the game is done (or at least enough to release it then add updates later-), do you think you'll put a price to this game??

godot's been treating me pretty well as an engine so far, as someone who likes python but not c#/c++! it's definitely nicer than unity for pixel art, i think

as for other questions:

  • i have no idea how long the game will end up being. i definitely want to set it up such that it has replay value, but i'm not sure exactly what that will end up working out to hours-wise
  • no jobs for the main character! the idea is that everyone else has jobs, and you're the one popping in to give them a hand with whatever they need. you can definitely prioritize some characters/occupations to help more often than others though!
  • there's going to be the option of multiple save files, with the plan of allowing for both manual and autosave
  • your relationships with characters will affect their plotlines at least a little bit, but i don't know exactly to what extent yet
  • i don't think there's going to be An Ending to the game in a concrete Game Over style, similar to how games like HM/AC don't truly end so much as you decide when you've enjoyed what you wanted from it? whether you've seen all the plotlines at that point or not will be up to you
  • i'm for certain going to keep the game free while it's in such early stages, but past that, i'm not sure! i'm probably going to open a patron (or similar) at some point when impostor syndrome dies down, and i'll worry about whether to sell the game (and for how much) when that becomes more relevant

There literally is no randomized option that I'm not absolutely in love with - amazing job so far! Everything is crazy polished for such an early demo!!


Thank you!! I'm really glad you think so ;w; I've been doing my best to keep things from being too messy and I'm glad it shows!

good work. cant wait to try the demo


this is the best character creation i have seen in any rpg ever owning and having played more than 50 that is an amazing compliment if the gameplay is on par with this i may have to stop playing The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion because this will be so good also do you have a patreon or something because i would be delighted to fund you


Whoa, every single randomised one I make looks amazing! I've never seen that happen before with a character creator, good job!


!!! I've never seen a character customiser that looks so good even with the randomised options! And all of the UI is super polished!? I'm really excited to see your art style in action and where you go with the gameplay for this! Good luck!

boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo elves u.u

f a l s e .  e l v e s  f u c k i n g  r o c k  u w u


um?? this looks so cute i love it so much


keep development, this game has potential!

Its good but there is not enough variation. what I mean by this is that in dress up games variety is key I have seen a few dress up games without variation and they all were bland and boring even if they had stunning visuals like these they lacked what is necessary for this genre.


Thanks for your input! As noted above, this is very rough work-in-progress, and as such, a large amount of planned assets just aren't made yet. Additionally, this isn't meant to be a dress-up game, but a character creation menu for a completely different genre, so some of the goals/requirement just aren't the same.

wow I was not expecting such a quick response. or any response for that matter.

i downloaded this on windows 10 but i cant figure out how to make it full screen. if you could tell me how that would great :)

There currently isn't a full-screen option! I'm planning on implementing it later, but it's not a priority just yet compared to a lot of other things

I attempted playing on safari  on mac and it gave me this...

I'm really sad cause this game looked sooooooo cute! Pls fix if possible!

Thank you for letting me know, I'll try to take a look for the next release! In the meantime I've been told the mac download seems to work, so that might be an alternate option for you! :) Thanks a lot for the interest!

did you try downloading and running through wineskin? that or try running on firefox. just trying to help.

Hi! im running this on windows 10, and just to let you know, this game runs perfectly for me and i haven't had a problem yet <3.

I'm very excited to see where this game will head; not only for a more role-playing style village game, but also because of the cute art-style and the more personal village game setup. I'm also wondering of what you are using to make this game..? But! 

Good luck, and i really look forward to what this game brings, and i'll defintely try to keep up with updates ~ <3!

I'm glad it all works for you and happy you're excited for it! I'll do my best to deliver ' w '

The game is made with Godot Engine, and I'm planning on setting aside some time to cover some of the execution for specific things (like recoloring/masking for the character creation, for example) as I progress, since it's my first time working with it and not everything I try to do has examples I could find. Hope that answers your questions o/

I would like to confirm what mifkee just said , I cannot play the game on Chrome , which is very very sad as it looks great on the screenshot , hope you'll fix it one day  :)

Thanks for confirming, I'm going to look into it for the next version! It works on chrome on my end so I have no idea what could be causing the issue :( I'll add a downloadable exe for the next release if I can't figure things out by then

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I couldn't play the game on my Google Chrome or Opera browser, but I was able to play it on Firefox.

The character creation is pretty cute! I like pixel art so this tickled my fancy. ^^

Thanks for letting me know! This is my first time exporting things with Godot so I must've missed something.

Really glad to hear you like it, I hope it continues on delivering! <3

Ah I'm really late in seeing this, just logged in again. Still can't see it on Google Chrome, but I see another user said that used Windows 10 and could see it on their Google Chrome browser. Maybe that contributes as well, I'm using a Windows 7 laptop. Also it's nice to see that you're interactive with people who are commenting! :)

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