still working on 0.1!

it's been a while since the last devlog, so here's some proof of life and whatnot!

progress on 0.1 is still ongoing, though i'm not quite close enough to finished to announce a time frame for its release. the last three months were very very busy for me (busy day job, move, health nonsense, holidays, etc), which slowed down development considerably, but things are finally starting to calm down and progress faster again.

the general status for 0.1 is as follows:

  • ui work is well on its way but not quite done (cleaner/more cohesive dark theme, new light theme, menu option to choose between them)
  • map system refactor is almost done (still needs testing but everything seems to work so far)
  • journal menu has been reworked and is way less crowded now
  • npcs can walk around now
  • general structure for the savefile system is implemented but the saves themselves not quite yet
  • general game loop is fleshed out but not completely implemented yet
  • some of the new prologue content is written (including part of a tutorial to guide through the first day/s)

so, hopefully the rest of what i want to add goes smoothly and i'll try to get things up and ready for v0.1 as soon as i can :) thanks for sticking around!

Get ELF GAME (demo 0.1)


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Good luck!!!! Glad you're still making it!

good luck, thanks for updating us

good luck!! I’m really excited for this game!

Ok, good luck !