brand new name for a brand new trailer!

while development has been pretty slow lately on account of Everything, one of the reasons is also that i've been busy helping set up the wholesome direct, an indie showcase taking place on the 26th, which among 50+ games is also going to feature this game's first media appearance!

for that occasion, i'm also announcing elf game's actual real title, very long in the making: SYLVAN MEADOWS! everything else is going to be the same and i'm still working towards v0.1.1, but now it sounds like a real game :)

Get SYLVAN MEADOWS (demo 0.1)


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Congratulations!  Sylvan Meadows is looking awesome!

Also, did I understand correctly that you helped make Wholesome Direct happen?  Thank you!  It was my favorite games stream ever!   ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŽถ


thank you!! i did, i mostly worked on organization+community stuff (+ some translation), it's been overwhelming seeing so many people have nice things to say about it ๐Ÿ’•

That's very awesome!  Great work, and thanks a bunch to you and the whole team!

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hey. I just came here from that livestream. game looks cool but It was really hard to find on google.

played the demo more. really interesting. early clearly. is one person making all this stuff?

yeah, the name change was yesterday so search engines haven't finished updating yet D: there'll be a link to sylvan meadows on the wg site soon though!

and yup this is almost all me, though i have two people to help run game design ideas by (one of which does translation outside that and the other does QA)

ah thats pretty cool. I'm looking forward to it. have you thought about making a subreddit?

i'm gonna be honest i haven't considered reddit so far on account of uh, the demographic of the characters in the game (as well as my own) so my experience with the site overall has been pretty bad

i might swap to having a forum for itch instead of just comments though! and there's a discord already for whoever wants that

oh discord? yes please.
and reddit has some really nasty places but it can be really nice and welcoming to. if you don't feel safe there thats fine to.

the link's up on the main itch page!

i might reconsider reddit in the future, maybe when there's more of the game out? it's not a huge playerbase rn

Same issue. I had to resort to asking around.

apologies! >.< thankfully there shouldn't be a second name change

Oho! That's some pretty big news! Congrats on getting into the wholesome direct.

thank you!! very excited